Hall of Honor

Hall of Honor - 2010 | 2016

The St. Thomas Aquinas High School Hall of Honor celebrates members of our past and present St. Thomas Aquinas community who have greatly distinguished themselves through outstanding professional accomplishment, dedicated servant leadership, and exceptionally meritorious service to St Thomas Aquinas High School and to their individual communities. Honorees serve as timeless reminders that the St. Thomas Aquinas High School mission carries an energy and living commitment to continue Christ’s abiding message of love, justice and service.

On behalf of past, present and future members of St. Thomas Aquinas High School, we congratulate all of the inductees on this most deserved honor. Each is deeply valued as a person. As God provides our everlasting breath, so, too, have they breathed life and love into our school’s legacy and mission. May God bless our Hall of Honor inductees always.

2016 Hall of Honor Inductees

Eugene Beliveau PP'82 85 88, GP'14 16
Sr. Blaise Donovan, SSND (founder) *
Sr. Michaela Durkin, SSND (founder)
Jane (Ringer) Gregoire '65
Sr. Aloysius Hallissey, SSND (founder)
Ron Holtz PP'05 07
Arthur Hoover PP'84, GP 13 15
Patrick McCooey '67
John McMaster '65 PP'02 04 07 09 *
Patrick Mone '64
Sr. Kay O'Connell (Nora), SSND (founder)
John "Jack" O'Connor (founder)
Gina (McCabe) Pike '71, PP'99 03
Sr. Esther Mary Prendergast, SSND (founder)
Sr. Mary Dosithea Sheehy, SSND (founder) *  
Sr. Raymunda Smith, SSND (founder)  
Kevin Warnke '77
Robert Weeks

* posthumously

2010 Inaugural Hall of Honor Inductees

Steve Corbett '69
Felix "Skip" DeVito P'93 97 00
David Dupont '73
Brian Fogarty '89
Stephen Freeman '75
Sr. Catherine Goodell, SSND
Bryan Goodwin '75
James Gregoire '65
John Jordan ’64
Mary Jane (Shanley) Keane '73
Dominique (Roy) MacDonald '82
Fran McNally '64
Kaarin (Olofsson) Milne '93
Erin Mone-Marquez '89
Sr. Georganne Pearson, SSND
Lawrence Raiche '73
Joseph Raycraft '64
Pamela (Forest) Rosania '72
Laurie (Connell) Steinberg '71