Welcome to St. Thomas Aquinas High School: Where Vision Meets Opportunity

Dear Prospective St. Thomas Aquinas Families,

In a world that seems to rotate faster and faster, we hope you enjoy this opportunity to pause and envision your child’s high school journey. There is no one more special, more treasured than your child and, at St. Thomas Aquinas High School, we not only recognize that fact, we celebrate it.

On our campus, our students spend their days surrounded by excellence. Our masterful faculty, our challenging academic curriculum, our athletic/extracurricular programs, and our Catholic mission are all carefully developed to enrich your child’s formation in all ways.

Just as there are seasons in every year so, too, are there seasons in one’s life. An enthusiasm, a vitality is uniquely born in the springtime season of adolescence and at St. Thomas Aquinas, we seize this inherent attribute and champion it. Here, your child can look forward to four years of exceptional growth from the inside out in an environment where every faculty and staff member advocates for his/her success. In essence, we accustom your child to a lifelong pursuit of learning.

The true value of a Catholic education lies in its everlasting virtues. St. Thomas Aquinas graduates move beyond 197 Dover Point Road with knowledge and skills that will aid them in every aspect of their future. Our students learn to acquire a stamina for studying, a fluency in technology, an aptitude for communication and a deep confidence in themselves. Superiorly prepared for college and beyond, they advance into their communities ready to pursue a lifestyle characterized by integrity and ethical choices. They are, in effect, prepared to acknowledge, achieve and aspire to greatness.

In the midst of social and cultural noise, we invite our students to center themselves and embrace an education that develops them fully in mind, body and spirit. We similarly invite you to partner with us on your child’s remarkable journey ahead.

We hope you join us on a remarkable journey of transformation.
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Open House Dates
October 23, 1pm
October 24, 7pm